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Hua Mountain

West Mountain Hua Mountains, one of the Five Mountains, lies in the south of Huayin County, which is about 100 kilometers away from Xi'an. The altitude of main peak is 2160.5 meters. Famous for the steep, it's the national-level scenic spot.

Hua Mountain has five peaks, Chaoyang (east peak), leaving wild goose (south peak), the lotus flower (Xi feng), five clouds (north peak), teenages girls (China's peak). Because the east side, south side and west side are the overhanging cliffs, only the main peak has slopes northwards and opened the road to ascend Hua Mountain.
So there is a saying that "There has been only one way to Hua Mountain since the ancient times".

Yuan Hong, famous writer of GongAn style in the latye Ming Dynasty, wrote such words in "Hua Mountain record': The famous mountains in the world are all well-known for the form of their stones. Mostly, the amount of stones is always less than that of earth on the surface layer. But Hua Mountain is an exception, "Bone of China, as if to cut the cloud, like the broken jade. Cloud and vapor in the sky are decorating the cliff" This is one of the characteristics of Hua Mountain: Outside and inner side are all stones.

Hua Mountain is of granite mountain massif, but different from other famous granite mountains. This comes from the two fault ages in the south and north side. During the crustal movement, the Hua Mountain massif rises in the middle; in the west and east parts of Hua Mountain, there are two rivers named Huang Fuyu and Xian Yu corrode and down cut this mountain. Then, Hua Mountain is "pared and square", and more pageantry and grand. The celestial palm of Hua Mountain is especially the model among them.

Hua Mountain is famous for its "bizarrerie, straightness, steep and beauty" all around the world, so it is praised as "the peerless dangerous mountain". She is the result of crustal movement hundreds of millions of years before. It is 5 kilometers wide, 5000 meters high, pared and square and made of stone. It towers to the sky, embracing the respect of king. Hua Mountain is made up of five peaks, containing the eastern, western, southern, northern and middle peaks, and seen from far away, it looks like the lotus flower, penetrating into the clouds. Around the main Peak, there are more than 70 little peaks stands, like layers of the lotus. The altitude of the highest peak -- southern peak is 2160.5 meters, like pared by the knife to pare, imperatorial and sublime, embracing both the northern grandness and the southern elegance.

The ringing springs in spring, the falling waterfalls in summer, the red leaves of autumn, and the cedar of winter, the scenery of the four seasons is magical and changeable. "Cloudy Hua Mountain", "rainy Hua Mountain", "foggy Hua Mountain", presenting the aesthetic feeling as in the fairyland.

Hua Mountain is affluent in the accumulation of history and culture, and the humanities sights are also abundant here. According to textual research from the famous scholar Zhang Taiyan of Qing Dynasty, the Hua of "Zhong Hua", "Hua Xia" are all named for Hua Mountain. The culturals sites of Yang Shao and Long Shang densely cover the Yellow River and Wei River wich are the foot of Hua Mountain. Searching for the relic of Xia culture, we should first look at its pulse Yellow River and its root Hua Mountain.


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